This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

XML Web Services and Apartment-Threaded COM Components

Visual Studio 2010

This topic is specific to a legacy technology. XML Web services and XML Web service clients should now be created using Windows Communication Foundation .

XML Web services can call apartment-threaded COM components using the COM interoperability layer, but only if the component is registered as a COM+ library application or if the component is registered in a COM+ server application that resides on a computer that is running Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 or later.

For details about registering COM+ applications, see either the COM+ Explorer help documentation (for Windows 2000) or the Component Services Administration help documentation.

When you call apartment objects from XML Web services, remember the following points:

  • The ASPCOMPAT attribute is not supported. Because ASPCOMPAT is not supported, your component object cannot require ASP intrinsic objects.

  • Although you can use other methods to call apartment objects from XML Web services, and these methods may appear to function correctly, these methods are neither tested nor supported.

  • If you want to run your Web services in multi-threaded apartments (MTAs), calls to your apartment object are made by a single-threaded apartment thread. COM+ creates the proxy and stub and also handles the marshalling from the MTA in which the Web service resides to the single-threaded apartment (STA) in which the apartment object resides.

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