Languages and Compilers in the .NET Framework

The Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) includes five compilers that support or were built for the common language runtime (CLR). This section contains reference documentation for the compilers, including language references, compiler options, and compiler error/warning descriptions.


For your convenience, the content in this section is reproduced from the Visual Studio documentation. The content might refer to features that are available only with a full installation of Visual Studio.

Visual Basic Language Resources in the .NET Framework SDK

Describes the Visual Basic language, and explains how to compile Visual Basic applications using the command-line tools provided in the .NET Framework.

C# Language Resources in the .NET Framework

Provides a C# language reference and details about using the C# command-line compiler.

C++ Language Resources in the .NET Framework

Provides C and C++ language references along with information about .NET Framework tools that allow you to build applications written in C and C++.

JScript Language Resources in the .NET Framework

Describes the JScript language and explains how to compile JScript applications.

.NET Framework General Reference

Provides reference information related to the .NET Framework. Includes sections on languages and compilers, tools, and technical references, as well as a glossary of terms.

.NET Framework Class Library Reference

Supplies syntax, code examples, and related information for each element contained in the .NET Framework namespaces.

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