Using Double Buffering

You can use double-buffered graphics to reduce flicker in your applications that contain complex painting operations. The .NET Framework contains built-in support for double-buffering or you can manage and render graphics manually.

In This Section

Double Buffered Graphics

Introduces double buffering concept and outlines .NET Framework support.

How to: Reduce Graphics Flicker with Double Buffering for Forms and Controls

Demonstrates how to use the default double buffering support in the .NET Framework.

How to: Manually Manage Buffered Graphics

Shows how to manage double buffering in applications.

How to: Manually Render Buffered Graphics

Demonstrates how to render double-buffered graphics.


SetStyle ,

Control method that enables double buffering.

BufferedGraphicsContext ,

Provides methods for creating graphics buffers.


Provides access to the buffered graphics context for a application domain.

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