How to: Create a Multiplatform Device project (Visual C++)

You can target multiple devices from the same development project with C++ for devices. When you use Visual Studio, you can create one device project that targets multiple device platforms, such as Pocket PC and Smartphone. Furthermore, you can add a device project to a desktop project. For more information, see Device Support for Desktop Projects.

There are two ways that you can set your device project to target multiple platforms:

  1. When you create your project by using the Smart Device Project Wizard.

    This is the more efficient technique. The Smart Device Project Wizard generates the project files for all the selected device platforms, such as source, header, and resource files. You can install additional new platforms by installing the platform's or device's SDK.

    Visual Studio also enables you to install any device SDK that supports Smartphone or Pocket PC 2003 or later versions, and any Windows CE device version 5.0 or later versions. For more information, see How to: Using the Wizard to Create a Multiplatform Device Project.

  2. After you create your project by using the New Platform pane of the Configuration Manager Settings, Smart Device Project Wizard dialog box.

    For more information, see How to: Add a New Platform to a Device Project.

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