Working with Smart Devices and Emulators

The topics in this section discuss various aspects of working with smart devices and emulators.

Controlling Devices with the Smart Device Connectivity API

Describes how to control devices programmatically with the Smart Device Connectivity API.

Device Emulator

Describes the Device Emulator which emulates the behavior of Windows CE or Windows Mobile-based hardware devices.

Connecting Smart Devices to Development Computers

Describes how to establish a connection between a device and Visual Studio that is running on a development computer.

Remote Tools for Device Projects

Describes special tools available for smart device projects.

How to: Start the Device Emulator in Visual Studio

Describes opening the Device Emulator as a substitute for a physical device.

Smart Device Development

Provides information about smart device development and includes links to additional information.

Mobile Developer Center

Includes resources that pertain to mobile development.

Community Additions