This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Connecting Smart Devices to Development Computers 

The topics in this section discuss establishing a secure and reliable connection between the development computer the and target device (whether the device is real or the emulator).

In This Section

Connection Method Selection

Describes various connection methods.

How to: Set Connection Options (Devices)

Describes how to change default connection settings.

How to: Connect to Windows CE Device Without ActiveSync

Describes the steps for connecting when ActiveSync is not available to support the connection.

How to: Connect Using Bluetooth

Describes the steps for making a Bluetooth connection.

How to: Connect Using IR

Describes the steps for making an IR connection.

How to: Connect to the Device Emulator From a Virtual PC Session

Shows how to connect the development computer to an emulator running in a VPC session.

How to: Access the Smartphone Emulator File System

Describes the steps to access the file system of the Smartphone emulator, which has no File Explorer.

How to: Access Development Computer Files from the Emulator

Describes how to use shared folders to move files between the emulator and the development computer.

Connectivity Troubleshooting (Devices)

Describes issues that interfere with proper connections, and how to resolve them.

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