This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Properties Window, Smart Device Cab Project 

Use this Properties window to specify properties for Smart Device Cab projects.

To open this window, select the Smart Device Cab project in Solution Explorer, and then on the View menu, click Properties Window.

CE Setup DLL

Specifies the Windows CE Setup DLL to be used for this .cab file. Setup.dll is an optional file that performs custom operations during the installation and removal of your application. For more information, see Packaging Device Solutions Overview.


Specifies whether this .cab file should be compressed.

Not all SDKs support compressed .cab files, for example, Pocket PC 2003 is not supported. For more information, see your SDK documentation.


Specifies the name of the manufacturer of an application or component.


Specifies whether or not this .cab file can be uninstalled. This option is used for Compact Framework 2.0 and higher.


Specifies the maximum OS version number on which the .cab file can be installed.


Specifies the minimum OS version number on which the .cab file can be installed.


Specifies a public name that describes an application or component. Also known as Application Name.

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