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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Device Connections (How Do I in Smart Devices)

This page links to Help topics about common device connection tasks.

How to: Connect to the Device Emulator From a Virtual PC Session

Describes the technique for connecting if there is no TCP/IP.

How to: Access the Smartphone Emulator File System

Describes how to access the file system of the Smartphone emulator, which does not have its own file viewer.

How to: Connect by Using Bluetooth

Describes how to connect by using Bluetooth.

How to: Connect Using IR

Describes how to connect by using infrared.

How to: Connect to Windows CE Device Without ActiveSync

Describes how to connect to a device when ActiveSync services are unavailable.

How to: Access Development Computer Files from the Emulator

Describes how to use a shared folder to access development computer files from the emulator.

How to: Set Connection Options (Devices)

Describes where to find the common dialog boxes for setting connection options.

Walkthrough: Exchanging Data between Desktop and Device Applications

Describes how to use the Smart Device Connectivity API to exchange data between device and desktop applications.

Configuring and Using the Device Emulator

Describes steps for completing some of the more common tasks in Device Emulator.

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