/moduleassemblyname (Specify Friend Assembly for Module)
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/moduleassemblyname (Specify Friend Assembly for Module) (C# Compiler Option) 

Specifies an assembly whose non-public types a .netmodule can access.



The name of the assembly whose non-public types the .netmodule can access.

/moduleassemblyname should be used when building a .netmodule, and where the following conditions are true:

  • The .netmodule needs access to non-public types in an existing assembly.

  • You know the name of the assembly into which the .netmodule will be built.

  • The existing assembly has granted friend assembly access to the assembly into which the .netmodule will be built.

For more information on building a .netmodule, see /target:module (Create Module to Add to Assembly) (C# Compiler Options).

For more information on friend assemblies, see Friend Assemblies (C# Programming Guide).

This option is not available from within the development environment; it is only available when compiling from the command line.

This compiler option is unavailable in Visual Studio and cannot be changed programmatically.

This sample builds an assembly with a private type, and that gives friend assembly access to an assembly called csman_an_assembly.

// moduleassemblyname_1.cs
// compile with: /target:library
using System;
using System.Runtime.CompilerServices;

[assembly:InternalsVisibleTo ("csman_an_assembly")]

class An_Internal_Class 
    public void Test() 
        Console.WriteLine("An_Internal_Class.Test called"); 

This sample builds a .netmodule that accesses a non-public type in the assembly moduleassemblyname_1.dll. By knowing that this .netmodule will be built into an assembly called csman_an_assembly, we can specify /moduleassemblyname, allowing the .netmodule to access non-public types in an assembly that has granted friend assembly access to csman_an_assembly.

// moduleassemblyname_2.cs
// compile with: /moduleassemblyname:csman_an_assembly /target:module /reference:moduleassemblyname_1.dll
class B {
    public void Test() {
        An_Internal_Class x = new An_Internal_Class();

This code sample builds the assembly csman_an_assembly, referencing the previously-built assembly and .netmodule.

// csman_an_assembly.cs
// compile with: /addmodule:moduleassemblyname_2.netmodule /reference:moduleassemblyname_1.dll
class A {
    public static void Main() {
        B bb = new B();


An_Internal_Class.Test called
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