Creating and Using Bitmaps and Icons
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Creating and Using Bitmaps and Icons

Visual Studio 2008

This topic is designed to help you find code that demonstrates how to perform common bitmap and icon programming tasks by using Visual C# Express Edition.

How to: Create a Bitmap at Run Time (Visual C#)

Demonstrates how to create a Bitmap object and display it in a PictureBox control.

How to: Convert Images from One Format to Another

Demonstrates how to load an image and save it in several different graphics formats.

How to: Retrieve an Image that is an Embedded Resource

Demonstrates how to retrieve an image that is an embedded resource of an assembly.

Drawing Text and Graphics

Describes how to perform common graphics programming tasks in Visual C# Express Edition.

Designing a User Interface in Visual C#

Explains how to use the Windows Forms Designer and Toolbox to create a user interface.

Visual C# Express

Provides an introduction to documentation that helps you use Express editions of Visual Studio.

Using the Visual C# Express IDE

Provides links to topics that explain how to use the integrated development environment (IDE).

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