This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Smart Devices (How Do I in C#)

Visual Studio 2008

This page links to Help on widely used smart devices programming tasks. To view other categories of popular tasks covered in Help, see How Do I in C#.

Application Development Overview (Devices)

Introduces the process to create smart device applications by using Visual Studio.

What's New in Smart Device Projects

Provides the new or expanded features that are available in Visual Studio 2008.

Device Capabilities and Required Development Tools

Provides tables that contain a snapshot of the variations in smart device hardware, hardware features, and development tools.

Walkthrough: Creating Windows Forms Applications for a Device

Demonstrates the main difference between desktop and device programming; namely, that you must target a device. In this walkthrough, the device is a built-in emulator of the Pocket PC 2003.

Device Connections (How Do I in Smart Devices)

Virtual PC sessions… DMA… Bluetooth… No ActiveSync… Troubleshooting… more…

Connecting Smart Devices to Development Computers

Describes how to establish a connection between a device and Visual Studio that is running on a development computer.

Controlling Devices with the Smart Device Connectivity API

Describes how to control devices programmatically with the Device Connectivity API.

Device Emulator

Describes the Device Emulator which emulates the behavior of Windows CE or Windows Mobile-based hardware devices.

Visual Basic and Visual C# (How Do I in Smart Devices)

Create projects… Share source… Change platforms… Code snippets… Change default target… more…

Working with the .NET Compact Framework

Provides information about working with the .NET Compact Framework in managed device projects.

Creating and Developing Managed Device Projects

Describes how to use the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to create and develop managed device projects.

Data (How Do I in Smart Devices)

Create and manage databases… Add data sources to projects… Build queries… Process master-detail relationships… Produce ResultSets or DataSets… more…

Working with Data in Managed Device Projects

Describes how to manage data for devices in Visual Studio 2008.

Debugging (How Do I in Smart Devices)

Attach to processes… Debug mixed solutions… Change device registry… more…

Debugging Device Projects

Explains differences from desktop debugging, and provides instructions for debugging solutions made up of both native and managed code.

Testing Tools (How Do I in Smart Devices)

Create unit tests… Debug unit tests… more…

Testing Tools for Smart Device Projects

Describes the testing tools for smart devices that enable you to create, managed, edit, and run tests on Visual C# and Visual Basic smart device applications.

Packaging (How Do I in Smart Devices)

Create cab project… Create shortcuts… Edit device registry… more…

Walkthrough: Packaging a Smart Device Solution for Deployment

Provides step-by-step instructions for packaging an application and its resources.

Security (How Do I in Smart Device Development)

Import certificates… Query for security model… Sign files… Provision devices… more…

Application Signing (Devices)

Describes how to sign device applications during development and release to public.

Configuring Security on Windows Mobile Devices

Describes how to use the Visual Studio environment to locate and apply certificates.