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Installing the Windows Application on a Client Machine

Visual Studio 2005

To complete ClickOnce deployment, open the published Web Site and choose the option to install the Windows application.

Note   Encourage your clients to install the .NET Framework and Crystal Reports .NET Framework 2.0 runtime before you deploy the Windows application, because installation time increases significantly if you use ClickOnce to install the prerequisites.

To install and run the Windows application on a client machine

  1. On the client machine, open a Web browser window.
  2. In the browser's address bar, type the URL of the published Web Site that you have created in the previous procedure.

    The published Web Site displays the name of your Windows application.

  3. The Web Site contains links to install and run the Windows application with the prerequisites or without the prerequisites.
    1. Click the launch link to run the application if you have already installed the prerequisites on the client machine.
    2. Click the install link to install the prerequisites on the client machine and run the application.

      From the Install Application dialog box, the Grant permissions and confirm installation message appears.

      Note   This message appears because you set the security property to FullTrust in the procedure Setting the ClickOnce Deployment Properties.
  4. Click Install.

    After the installation is complete, you can access the Windows application through the Start menu.

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