Configuration File Reference

Dotfuscator configuration files may have any name or extension, but usually have a .xml extension. Configuration files contain information about how a given application is to be “Dotfuscated”. The configuration file is an XML document conforming to dotfuscator_v2.1.dtd (or one of its predecessors), referenced in the appendix.

This section documents Dotfuscator’s XML configuration file. It contains detailed descriptions of each configuration option, making it useful as a reference, even if you are using Visual Studio, the standalone GUI, or the command line interface to generate a configuration file for you.

In this section


Property List and Properties

Global Section

Library Global Option

Verbose, Quiet, and Investigate Global Options

Input Assembly List

Library Mode by Assembly

Declarative Obfuscation by Assembly

Output Directory

Temp Directory

Obfuscation Attribute Feature Map

Renaming Section

Renaming Options

Renaming Exclusion List

Output Mapping File

A Note about XML Configuration Files