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Exposing the CrystalReportSource to Other .NET Controls

In the DataSource control framework that is provided with Web Sites in Visual Studio, each data provider exposes their data as a control that implements the IDataSource and IHierachicalDataSource interfaces. Those interfaces provide a common structure, to represent data as a control to which all other .NET controls can connect.

Therefore, a .NET control, such as a DataGrid, can connect to many types of DataSource controls, such as SqlDataSource, OracleDataSource, and JetDataSource.

Note Note

For more information about how to use the DataSource control and the tag-based application development model with Crystal Reports, see Tag-based Application Development Model.

To implement the DataSource framework, Crystal Reports provides a CrystalReportSource control that encapsulates an entire Crystal report. Therefore, if other .NET controls need to search for data from the CrystalReportSource control, the control must be configured to expose sections of the report that contains data.