This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Project Output

Visual Studio 2005

Project output contains files from the Web or Windows applications that must be added to deployment projects. You can choose to add one or more of the following types of project output:

  • The Primary Output option adds all .dll and .exe files that have been built from the Web or Windows application.
    Note   In Visual Studio 2005, Web Sites have been modified to exclude .dll and .exe files. Therefore, there is no Primary Output to add to Web Sites.
  • The Content Files option adds Web.config, Global.asax, and all Web Forms (.aspx pages) that are created in the Web applications, or App.ico for Windows applications.
    Note   You can also add Documentation Files, Localized Resources, Debug Symbols, and Source Files to the deployment project. However, those project output files are not necessary for deployment.

You must add Primary Output to Setup Projects and Web Setup Projects (that excludes Web Sites in Visual Studio 2005). For Web Setup Projects, you must also add Content Files to view .aspx Web pages.

For more information about how to add project output to a Web or Windows application, see Merge Modules Deployment for Visual Studio .NET 2002 or 2003, Deployment for Visual Studio 2005.

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