IDispatch::GetTypeInfoCount Method

Retrieves the number of type information interfaces that an object provides (either 0 or 1).

HRESULT GetTypeInfoCount(  
  unsigned int FAR*  pctinfo 


Points to a location that receives the number of type information interfaces provided by the object. If the object provides type information, this number is 1; otherwise the number is 0.

The return value obtained from the returned HRESULT is one of the following:

Return value






The function may return zero, which indicates that the object does not provide any type information. In this case, the object may still be programmable through IDispatch or a VTBL, but does not provide run-time type information for browsers, compilers, or other programming tools that access type information. This can be useful for hiding an object from browsers.

This code from the Lines sample file Lines.cpp implements the GetTypeInfoCount member function for the CLines class (ActiveX or OLE object).

CLines::GetTypeInfoCount(UINT FAR* pctinfo)
   if (pctinfo == NULL) {
      return E_INVALIDARG;
   *pctinfo = 1;
   return NOERROR;