Application Verifier Stops
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Application Verifier Stops

An Application Verifier stop is data provided when an error is found by a verification layer that is being run on a project. The stops that may be encountered are different based on the verification layers.

When application verifier stops occurs

When an error occurs a Verifier Stop Message appears with details regarding the problem. It will display the error and give options to:

  • Break: This will stop Application Verifier from proceeding with the rest of the verification and allow you to evaluate the error immediately. Once Break has been selected, you must click Continue from the Debug menu in order to proceed with the verification.

  • Continue: This will proceed with verifying the application code and log an item in your Task List (based upon the settings selected for Application Verifier in the project properties) to investigate at a later time. Note: Most of the Application Verifier stops are not continuable. Continuing on these stops will terminate the application.

  • Help: This will open the Help topic specific to the error that has occurred. This will aid in explaining the problem and provide information on how to investigate.

Tool Window

If you selected to log your error within the project properties, an Application Verifier stop will generate a Tool Window that displays information specific to the error. The data displayed varies based on the verification layer. In the bottom portion of the window, a call stack may appear. Data within this area may be expanded or collapsed. When the data is clicked, the focus jumps to the corresponding line of code when source and symbols are present. For more information see Application Verifier Features.

Task List

If you selected to log your error within the project properties, an Application Verifier stop will be logged in the Task List. To see the details of the error, double click on the verifier stop within the Task List. This will display the Tool Window that shows the specifics regarding the stop. For more information see Application Verifier Features.

List of stops

Each verification layer displays a number of stops based on the tests that are run. To see a complete list of stops please see:

Lock Verifier

Handle Verifier

Heap Verifier

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