This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Corrupted Infix Pattern For Freed Block

Heap violation detected. Corrupted infix pattern for freed block at address <address>.

Freed blocks are sometimes marked non-accessible and a program touching them will generate an access violation. In other cases (light page heap), the block is marked with a magic pattern and will be kept for a while. Eventually the blocks get freed in a First In First out (FIFO) fashion. At this moment, the infix pattern is checked and if it has been modified you will get this stop. This error is hit when there is a corrupted infix pattern for freed block.

Heap Handle – Heap handle for the heap owning the block.

Block address – Heap block address

Size – Size of the heap block

Description – Corrupted infix pattern for freed block at address <address>

Trace description – No stack frames for the current block

The stack at the break moment is not relevant. You need to find out the nature of the block and code review it to see what might be wrong.

Please read The Structure of a Page Heap Block for debugging tips.

Frequency of this error is high