This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Corrupted Suffix pattern

Heap violation detected. Corrupted suffix pattern at address <address>.

This happens when Application Verifier places non-accessible pages at the end of the allocation and a buffer overrun causes an access violation. The heap block that the buffer overruns into has a special pattern associated to it, if this pattern is changed when the block gets freed you will get this stop.

Heap Handle – Heap handle used in the call.

Block address – Heap block involved in the operation

Size – Size of the heap block

Description - Corrupted suffix pattern at address <address>

Trace description – Saved stack frames for the HeapAlloc/malloc/new operation

These stops can be difficult to debug because you do not have the actual moment when corruption happened. You just have access to the code when the block gets freed (the stop happened here) and the allocation stack trace.

Frequency of this error is high.