We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Customizing Work Item Types for Team Foundation

The walkthroughs in this section describe how to customize and administer work item types in Team Foundation Server. Work item types define the business rules for bugs, scenarios, tasks, and other types of items tracked in Team Foundation Server. Administrators can customize these definitions using XML to support the workflow of their particular organizations.

In these walkthroughs, you will learn how to import and export work item types using a command line utility and how to customize the exported type definition using XML. You also learn how to administer fields that can be shared by multiple work item types across team projects on a Team Foundation Server.

Walkthrough: Make Basic Customizations to a Work Item Type

Introduces concepts and tools, and describes steps for customizing work item types in basic ways.

Walkthrough: Make Advanced Customizations to a Work Item Type

Describes steps for customizing work item types in advanced ways that include working with fields, patterns, and rules.

Walkthrough: Administer Fields in a Work Item Type

Shows how to view, rename, and delete fields used by work item types.