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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Using Tokens to Reference Users and Groups

Certain rules, including Field List Items, Conditional Field Rule Attributes, and Transition Security, apply to users and groups. The work item type definition language supports the following tokens for referencing users and groups.



This token is used to reference a server-scoped Team Foundation Server group.

<FIELD name="Title">
<READONLY for="[Global]\Team Foundation Valid Users"/>


This token is used to reference a team project-scoped Team Foundation Server group.

<FIELD name="Test Needed">
<READONLY not="[Project]\Testers"/>

Domain Qualifier

A domain-qualified account name such as the one shown in the following example can be used to reference a domain user or group. Note that some rules only support groups and do not support referencing domain users.

<LISTITEM value="Example1\JayHamlin’s Direct Reports"/>

All users and groups must be qualified by one of the preceding tokens. For example, the following XML is invalid because it does not qualify the specified group with a valid token.

<FIELD name="Title">
<READONLY for="Dev Team"/>

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