ServerConnection Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the ServerConnection class.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo (in Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo.dll)

public ServerConnection()

This constructor is called by derived class constructors to initialize state in this type.


'Declare a ServerConnection object variable to specify SQL authentication, login and password.
Dim conn As New ServerConnection
conn.LoginSecure = False
conn.Login = vlogin
conn.Password = vpassword
'Connect to the local, default instance of SQL Server.
Dim srv As Server
srv = New Server(conn)
'The actual connection is made when a property is retrieved.
'The connection is automatically disconnected when the Server variable goes out of scope.


$conn = new-object Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common.ServerConnection
$conn.LoginSecure = $FALSE
$conn.Login = vlogin
$conn.Password = vpassword
#Connect to the local, default instance of SQL Server
$srv = new-object Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Server($conn)
Write-Host $srv.Information.Version

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