MSreplication_subscriptions (Transact-SQL)


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The MSreplication_subscriptions table contains one row of replication information for each Distribution Agent servicing the local Subscriber database. This table is stored in the subscription database.

Column nameData typeDescription
publishersysnameThe name of the Publisher.
publisher_dbsysnameThe name of the Publisher database.
publicationsysnameThe name of the publication.
independent_agentbitIndicates whether there is a stand-alone Distribution Agent for this publication.
subscription_typeintThe type of subscription:

0 = Push.

1 = Pull.

2 = Anonymous.
distribution_agentsysnameThe name of the Distribution Agent.
TimesmalldatetimeThe time of the last update by Distribution Agent.
descriptionnvarchar(255)The description of the subscription.
transaction_timestampvarbinary(16)Internal-use only.
update_modetinyintThe type of update.
agent_idbinary(16)The ID of the agent.
subscription_guidbinary(16)The global identifier for the version of the subscription on the publication.
subidbinary(16)The global identifier for an anonymous subscription.
immediate_syncbitIndicates whether synchronization files are created or re-created each time the Snapshot Agent runs.

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