Start a Trace


After you have defined a new trace or created a template by using SQL Server Profiler, you can start, pause, or stop capturing data by using the new trace definition or template.

When you start a trace and the defined source is an instance of the SQL Server Database Engine or Analysis Services, SQL Server creates a queue that provides a temporary holding place for captured server events.

When you use SQL Server Profiler to access SQL Trace, a new trace window opens (if one is not already open) when a trace is started, and data is immediately captured.

When you use Transact-SQL system stored procedures to access SQL Trace, you must start a trace every time an instance of SQL Server starts for data to be captured. When a trace has been started, you can modify only the name of the trace.

System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

When working with existing traces, you can view the properties, but you cannot modify the properties. To modify the properties, stop or pause the trace.

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