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Connect to Server (Login Page) Analysis Services

Use this tab to view or specify the following options when connecting to Microsoft Analysis Services.

Server type

When registering a server from Object Explorer, select the type of server to connect to: Database Engine, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, or Integration Services. The rest of the dialog shows only the options that apply to the selected server type. When registering a server from Registered Servers, the Server type box is read-only, and matches the type of server displayed in the Registered Servers component. To register a different type of server, select Database Engine, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, or Integration Services from the Registered Servers toolbar before starting to register a new server.

Server name

Select the server instance to connect to. The server instance last connected to is displayed by default.


The following authentication modes are supported when connecting to an instance of Analysis Services: Microsoft Windows Authentication.

Windows Authentication Mode (Windows Authentication)

Windows Authentication mode allows a user to connect through a Windows user account.


Connect to the server selected above.


Click to change the dialog and hide the additional server connection options, such as remembering the password.

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