Data Mining Wizard F1 Help (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

Use the Data Mining Wizard to create a new mining structure and an optional associated mining model.

  • A mining structure represents information about the business problem you are trying to solve. It contains columns that describe attributes and the bindings to the source of the data in the columns. You can create a mining structure based on relational data or based on data in a cube.

  • A mining model lets you analyze the data in the mining structure for patterns, and then make predictions based on those patterns. You can create different types of mining models, based on different algorithms, on a single mining structure.

For more information, see Data Mining Wizard (Analysis Services - Data Mining).

The Data Mining Wizard guides you through the following steps:

  • Select the type of data source on which to base the mining model.

  • Select the data mining technique.

  • Specify the data source.

  • Select the training data for the mining model.

  • Select the case key.

  • Identify the attributes and measures for case-level columns. (OLAP only)

  • Specify how the mining model columns will be used, and add nested tables.

  • Specify the content and data type of the mining model columns.

  • Filter the data that is used to train the model. (OLAP only)

  • Partition the data into training and testing sets.

  • Complete the Data Mining Wizard.

After you create the mining structure and an optional mining model, you can use Data Mining Designer to modify their properties.

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