Lift Chart Tab (Mining Accuracy Chart View)

Use the Lift Chart pane to view a chart that compares all the selected mining models in the selected mining structure.

If the model predicts a discrete attribute, the pane can display either a lift chart or a profit chart. For information about lift charts, see Lift Chart (Analysis Services - Data Mining).

To create a profit chart, you must provide additional information about the cost of implementing the recommendations of the mining model, as well as the expected return. For more information, see Profit Chart (Analysis Services - Data Mining).

If the model predicts a continuous attribute, the pane will display a scatter plot graph.

For general information about methods of measuring the accuracy of a mining model, see Lift Chart (Analysis Services - Data Mining).

Chart Type

Sets the type of chart to display in the viewer. You can select either Lift Chart or Profit Chart.


Opens the Profit Chart Settings dialog box, which you can use to configure a profit chart.

The profit chart is not available if a continuous predictable column was selected in the Column Mapping tab.


Copies the chart to the Clipboard.

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