Query Pane (Mining Model Prediction View)

The Query pane displays the Data Mining Expressions (DMX) statements created by Prediction Query Builder. You can modify the statements and then click the Switch to query result view button to return the results. If you switch back to the Design view, any changes you made to the statement will be lost.

For More Information:Data Mining Extensions (DMX) Data Manipulation Statements, Creating DMX Queries in SQL Server Management Studio

Switch to query result view

Click to switch between the Design, Query, and Result panes. Switching to the Result pane runs the query.

Save the query result

Opens the Save Data Mining Query Result dialog box.

Singleton query

Lets you create a singleton query, in which you provide the input data directly in your query instead of providing a reference to a table of input values. The Select Input Table(s) table is replaced by a Singleton Query Input table. The current prediction query will be lost if you switch to a singleton query.

Refresh query results

Reprocesses the prediction query. This is enabled only in the Result pane.

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