Move Items Page (Report Manager)

Use the Move Items page to move a report, folder, or other item to a new location on the report server. You can type the path of the new location or use a tree view to browse to a new location in the report server namespace. You can only move items that you have permission to move and that are stored on the current report server.

You can open this page in two ways:

  • From the Contents page, click Show Details, select the check box next to the folder or report that you want to move, and then click Move. For more information, see How to: Move an Item (Report Manager).

  • Open the properties page of any item, and then click Move.

When you move an item that is referenced by another item (for example, a shared data source or model that is referenced by many reports), the path information for that item is updated automatically. Moving a shared data source does not disrupt a data source connection to the reports and models that use it. If you move a shared data source or model to a folder for which users do not have permission, they will still be able to run any report that references the data source or model, however the item will not be visible to them in the folder hierarchy.

For Location, specify the full path to folder, beginning with the root folder name. You can type the path name or use the tree view to navigate to the folder you want.


Not all items are movable. You cannot move reserved folders such as Home, My Reports, or Users Folders. You cannot move report history or snapshots to different locations. History and snapshots are always located with, and accessed through, the report on which they are based.

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