Flat File Connection Manager Editor (Preview Page)

Use the Preview node of the Flat File Connection Manager Editor dialog box to view the contents of the source file in a tabular format.

To learn more about the Flat File connection manager, see Flat File Connection Manager.

Connection manager name

Provide a unique name for the Flat File connection in the workflow. The name provided will be displayed within SSIS Designer.


Describe the connection. As a best practice, describe the connection in terms of its purpose, to make packages self-documenting and easier to maintain.

Data rows to skip

Specify how many rows to skip at the beginning of the flat file.


View the effect of changing the number of rows to skip by clicking Refresh. This button only becomes visible after you have changed other connection options.

Preview rows

View sample data in the flat file, divided into columns and rows according to the options you have selected.

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