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Dependency Network Tab (Mining Model Viewer View)

Dependency Network Tab (Mining Model Viewer View)

The Dependency Net tab provides a graphical view of all attributes that the mining model contains, including how the attributes are related.

For More Information: Microsoft Decision Trees Algorithm, Viewing a Mining Model with the Microsoft Tree Viewer

Refresh viewer content

Reload the mining model in the viewer.

Mining Model

Choose a mining model to view that is contained in the current mining structure. The mining model will open in its associated viewer.


Choose a viewer to use to explore the selected mining model. This list includes the viewers that Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services provides for each mining model, the Microsoft Mining Content Viewer, and any plug-in viewers.

Zoom In

Zoom in to the diagram, providing a more detailed view of the attributes.

Zoom Out

Zoom out from the diagram, providing a more overall view of the attributes.

Copy Graph View

Copy the visible section of the diagram to the clipboard.

Copy Entire Graph

Copy the complete diagram to the clipboard.


Adjust how many lines the viewer shows by adjusting the slider to the right of the attributes. Lowering the slider shows only the strongest links. The stronger the link, the stronger the predictive relationship between the two attributes.

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