User or Role Properties (Securables Page)

Use this page to set permissions on database securables for this user, database role or application role. Click Add to add database securables to the Securables grid. Then select a securable in the grid and set the appropriate permissions in the Explicit permissions grid.

This page only shows permissions that are explicitly granted or denied to this user or role. The principal may inherit additional permissions through membership in a group or role. Permissions inherited from a group or role are not listed in the grid. The sum of all of the explicit and implicit permissions of the principal constitutes its effective permissions.

User Name or Role name

The name of the user or role whose permissions are described on this page.


Lists the securables on which specific permissions have been granted or denied to this principal.


The schema that owns the object.


The name of the securable.


The type of the securable.

Effective Permissions

Opens the Effective Permissions dialog box to show the result of combining explicit permissions with permissions inherited from groups and roles.


Add an object to the Securables grid.


Remove a securable from the Securables grid.

Explicit permissions for <the selected securable>

Lists the permissions that can be granted or denied on the selected securable.


Check to grant this permission to the user or role. Uncheck to revoke this permission.

With Grant

Reflects the state of the WITH GRANT option for the listed permission. This box is read-only. To apply this permission use the GRANT (Transact-SQL) statement.


Check to deny this permission to the user or role. Uncheck to revoke this permission.

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