MSMQ Connection Manager Editor

Use the MSMQ Connection Manager dialog box to specify the path to a Message Queuing (also known as MSMQ) message queue.

To learn more about the MSMQ connection manager, see MSMQ Connection Manager.


The MSMQ connection manager supports local public and private queues and remote public queues. It does not support remote private queues. For a workaround that uses the Script Task, see Sending to a Remote Private Message Queue with the Script Task.


Provide a unique name for the MSMQ connection manager in the workflow. The name provided will be displayed within SSIS Designer.


Describe the connection manager. As a best practice, describe the connection manager in terms of its purpose, to make packages self-documenting and easier to maintain.


Type the complete path of the message queue. The format of the path depends on the type of queue.

Queue type

Sample path


<computer name>\<queue name>


<computer name>\Private$\<queue name>

You can use "." to represent the local computer.


After configuring the MSMQ connection manager, confirm that the connection is viable by clicking Test.