Server Properties (Processors Page)

Server Properties (Processors Page)

Use this page to view or modify your processor options. Processor affinity settings are only enabled when more than one processor is installed.

Processor Affinity

Assigns processors to specific threads to eliminating processor reloads and reduce thread migration across processors. For more information, see affinity mask Option.

I/O Affinity

Binds Microsoft SQL Server disk I/Os to a specified subset of CPUs. For more information, see affinity I/O mask Option.

Automatically set processor affinity mask for all processors

Allows SQL Server to set the processor affinity.

Automatically set I/O affinity mask for all processors

Allows SQL Server to set the I/O affinity.

Maximum worker threads

0 allows SQL Server to dynamically set the number of worker threads. This setting is best for most systems. However, depending on your system configuration, setting this option to a specific value sometimes improves performance. For more information, see max worker threads Option.

Boost SQL Server priority

Specifies whether SQL Server should run at a higher Microsoft Windows scheduling priority than other processes on the same computer. For more information, see priority boost Option.

Use Windows fibers (lightweight pooling)

Use Windows fibers instead of threads for the SQL Server service. Note that this is only available in Windows 2003 Server Edition. For more information, see lightweight pooling Option.

Configured Values

Displays the configured values for the options on this pane. If you change these values, click Running Values to see whether the changes have taken effect. If they have not, the instance of SQL Server must be restarted first.

Running Values

View the currently running values for the options on this pane. These values are read-only.

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