Create the Data Mining Structure (Data Mining Wizard)

Use the Create the Data Mining Structure page to create a data mining structure and optionally create an associated mining model.

If you choose to create a mining model, you must also specify the data mining algorithm that you want to use. If you create only the structure now, you can add a mining model to the structure later.

For More Information: Data Mining Algorithms (Analysis Services - Data Mining), Data Mining Wizard (Analysis Services - Data Mining), Creating a New Mining Structure

Create mining structure with a mining model

Select to create a mining structure and then create an associated model.

Which data mining technique do you want to use?

Select the data mining algorithm to use with this model.


The list of algorithms is populated from the instance of Analysis Services on which you are creating the mining structure. If the server is not available, only the default algorithms will be available.

Create mining structure with no models

Select to create only a mining structure.


Displays a description of the selected algorithm.

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