Database Engine Tuning Advisor (Advanced Tuning Options)

Use the Advanced Tuning Options dialog box to configure the maximum space, maximum key columns, and online index recommendations.

Define max. space for recommendations (MB)

Type the maximum amount of space to be used by physical design structures recommended by Database Engine Tuning Advisor.

If no value is entered here, Database Engine Tuning Advisor assumes the smaller of the following space limits:

  • Three times the current raw data size, which includes the total size of heaps and clustered indexes on tables in the database.
  • The free space on all attached disk drives plus the raw data size.
Max. columns per index

Specify the maximum number of columns to include in any index. The default is 1023.

All recommendations are offline

Generate the best recommendations possible, but do not recommend that any physical design structures be created online.

Generate online recommendations where possible

When creating Transact-SQL statements to implement the recommendations, choose methods that can be implemented with the server online, even if a faster offline method is available.

Generate only online recommendations

Only make recommendations that allow the server to stay online.

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