Hierarchies (Dimension Structure Tab, Dimension Designer) (Analysis Services - Multidimensional Data)

Use the Hierarchies pane to manage the hierarchies and levels for the currently selected dimension. For more information, see Creating User-Defined Hierarchies.

You can use the Hierarchies pane to do the following procedures:

  • Create a new hierarchy by dragging an attribute from the Attributes pane to the Hierarchies pane.

  • Show or hide member properties for all the levels in the hierarchy by clicking the arrow next to the hierarchy name.

  • Show or hide attribute relationships by clicking the arrow next to the level name.

To display the Hierarchies pane

  1. In Business Intelligence Development Studio, open the Analysis Services project, and then open the dimension that you want.

  2. If not selected, click the Dimension Structure tab.


Displays the currently created hierarchies. Within each hierarchy are the attributes that make up the levels of the hierarchy. Attribute relationships are also shown but they are read-only.

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