Example: Online Restore of a Read-Only File (Full Recovery Model)


This topic is relevant for SQL Server databases under the full recovery model that contain multiple files or filegroups.

In this example, a database named adb, which uses the full recovery model, contains three filegroups. Filegroup A is read/write, and filegroup B and filegroup C are read-only. Initially, all of the filegroups are online.

A read-only file, b1, in filegroup B of database adb has to be restored. A backup was taken since the file became read-only; therefore, log backups are not required. Filegroup B is offline for the duration of the restore, but the remainder of the database remains online.

System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

The syntax for an online restore sequence is the same as for an offline restore sequence.

To restore the file, the database administrator uses the following restore sequence:

RESTORE DATABASE adb FILE='b1' FROM filegroup_B_backup  

Filegroup B is now online.

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