Foreach Loop Editor (Variable Mappings Page)

Use the Variables Mappings page of the Foreach Loop Editor dialog box to map variables to the collection value. The value of the variable is updated with the collection values on each iteration of the loop.

To learn about how to use the Foreach Loop container in an Integration Services package, see Foreach Loop Container . To learn about how to configure it, see How to: Configure a Foreach Loop Container.

The Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services tutorial, Creating a Simple ETL Package Tutorial, includes a lesson that teaches you to add and configure a Foreach Loop. For more information, see Lesson 2: Adding Looping.


Select an existing variable, or click <New variable...> to create a new variable.


After you map a variable, a new row is automatically added to the Variable list.

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If using the Foreach Item enumerator, specify the index of the column in the collection value to map to the variable. For other enumerator types, the index is read-only.


The index is 0-based.

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Select a variable, and then click Delete.

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