This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Save and Execute Package (SQL Server Import and Export Wizard)

Use the Save and Execute Package dialog box to run the package immediately, save it to run later, or both.

If you stop a package before it finishes running, the package is not saved, even if you selected the Save check box.

To learn more about this wizard, see Creating Packages Using the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard. To learn about the options for starting the wizard, as well as the permissions required to run the wizard successfully, see How to: Start the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard.

The purpose of the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard is to copy data from a source to a destination. The wizard can also create a destination database and destination tables for you. However, if you have to copy multiple databases or tables, or other kinds of database objects, you should use the Copy Database Wizard instead. For more information, see Using the Copy Database Wizard.

Execute immediately

Select this option to run the package immediately.

Save SSIS Package

Save the package to run later, with the option to run it immediately.

SQL Server

Select this option to save the package to the Microsoft SQL Server msdb database.

File system

Select this option to save the package as a file that has the .dtsx extension.