Database Engine Tuning Advisor (Progress Tab)

The Progress tab of Database Engine Tuning Advisor appears after Database Engine Tuning Advisor begins analyzing a workload.

If you want to stop the tuning session after it has started, choose one of the following options on the Actions menu:

  • Stop Analysis (With Recommendations) stops the tuning session and prompts you to decide whether you want Database Engine Tuning Advisor to generate recommendations based on the analysis done up to this point.
  • Stop Analysis stops the tuning session without generating any recommendations.

Tuning Progress

Indicates the current status of the progress. Contains the number of actions performed, and the number of error, success, and warning messages received.


Contains an icon indicating status.


Displays the steps being performed.


Displays the status of the action step.


Contains any messages returned by the action steps.

Tuning Log

Contains information regarding this tuning session. To print this log, right-click the log, and then click Print.

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