Server Properties (Misc Server Settings Page)

Server Properties (Misc Server Settings Page)


Applies To: SQL Server 2016

Use this page to view or modify your server settings.

Default language for users
Specifies the default language for all newly created logins.

Allow triggers to fire other triggers
Controls whether a trigger can perform an action that initiates another trigger. When cleared, triggers cannot be fired by another trigger. When selected, triggers can be fired by other triggers to as many as 32 levels.

Use query governor to prevent long-running queries
Specifies an upper limit on the time within which a query can run. Query cost refers to the estimated elapsed time, in seconds, required to execute a query on a specific hardware configuration. By default, the query governor is turned off and all queries are allowed to run. If this option is selected, you must enter a time limit in the text box below. If you specify a nonzero, nonnegative value, the query governor disallows execution of any query that has an estimated cost exceeding that value.

Interpret a two-digit year as falling between
Specifies the 100-year date range for interpreting two-digit year values. Microsoft SQL Server will interpret two-digit date values to refer to the year ending in those digits that falls within the specified range.

Set the right box with the ending year. When the ending year is saved, SQL Server will automatically populate the left box with the beginning year.

Configured Values
Displays the configured values for the options on this pane. If you change these values, click Running Values to see whether the changes have taken effect. If the changes have not taken effect, the instance of SQL Server must be restated first.

Running Values
View the currently running values for the options on this pane. These values are read-only.

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