Level Naming Template Dialog Box (SSAS)

Use the Level Naming Template dialog box in Business Intelligence Development Studio to construct the level naming template for a parent attribute in a dimension. For more information about level naming templates, see NamingTemplate Element (ASSL). You can display the Level Naming Template dialog box by clicking the ellipsis button (...) on the NamingTemplate value of a translation for an attribute in the Translation Details pane on the Translations tab of Dimension Designer.

Term Definition

Define the level template

Displays a grid in which you can design the hierarchy of levels in the parent attribute. The grid contains the following columns:

Level Displays the ordinal position of the level for which the name specified in Name is used. To add a new naming template for a level, select Name on the row that contains an asterisk (*) in Level.
Name Contains the naming template used for the level indicated in Level. To add a placeholder for the level ordinal position in the naming template, add a single asterisk (*). To add an asterisk as part of the name created by the naming template, add two asterisks (**).
Term Definition

Clear All

Select to remove all rows in Define the level template.


Displays the level naming template constructed by the dialog box.

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