Choose Link Page (Report Manager)

Use the Choose Link page to choose a different report upon which to base the currently selected linked report. Linked reports are based on other reports already published to a report server. This page provides a way to update a connection to the base report. Other settings of the linked report (such as security and parameter settings) are unaffected by changes to the link information.

To open this page, select a linked report, click the Properties tab at the top of the page, and then click Change Link. Or, if the Contents page is in details view, click the property page icon:

Property page icon
Property Page icon


Specify the full name of the report, including the folder path and report name. You can type the full name of the report or use the tree view to navigate to the report you want to use.

Tree view

Shows all of the folders in the report server folder hierarchy. To use the tree view to fill in the Location field, click the name of the report.

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