Dimension Structure (Dimension Designer) (Analysis Services - Multidimensional Data)

Use the Dimension Structure page in Dimension Designer to modify the attributes, hierarchies, and levels of the selected dimension. The Dimension Structure page contains a toolbar and three panes.

To display the Dimension Structure page

  • In Business Intelligence Development Studio, open an Analysis Services project, and then open the dimension that you want to view.

    By default, the Dimension Structure page appears when you first open a dimension in Dimension Designer.

Use the toolbar to perform common actions in the Dimension Structure page of Dimension Designer. For more information about this pane, see Toolbar (Dimension Structure Tab, Dimension Designer) (Analysis Services - Multidimensional Data).

The Dimension Structure page contains the following panes:

Data Source View

Use the Data Source View pane to explore and manage the data source view associated with a dimension.


Use the Hierarchies pane to manage the hierarchies and levels for a dimension.


Use the Attributes pane to explore and manage attributes for a dimension.

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