Web Service Task Editor (Input Page)

Use the Input page of the Web Service Task Editor dialog box to specify the Web Service, the Web method, and the values to provide to the Web method as input. The values can be provided either by typing strings directly in the Value column, or by selecting variables in the Value column.

To learn about this task, see Web Service Task.


Select a Web service from the list to use to execute the Web method.


Select a Web method from the list for the task to execute.


Type a description of Web method, or the click the browse button (…) and then type the description in the Web Method Documentation dialog box.


Lists the names of the inputs to the Web method.


Lists the data type of the inputs.


Select the check boxes to use variables to provide inputs.


If the Variable check boxes are selected, select the variables in the list to provide the inputs; otherwise, type the values to use in the inputs.

If you do not provide a value for the input, the task sets the input value to the default value for the data type that you selected. For example, if the input is an integer, the task sets the input value to 0 (zero). Similarly, if the input is a datetime data type, the task sets the input value to the earliest date that the datetime data type supports.

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