Model Properties (Model Item Security Page)

Use this page to set role assignments on parts of a model. You can specify whether a user has view access to a particular model item. A model item either inherits security or uses explicit security settings. Inherited and explicit security are mutually exclusive. If you configure an item to use explicit security for one user or group, you must define role assignments for any other user or group that requires access to the item.

Security settings grant view access to a model item. You cannot configure a role assignment that denies access to a model item.

To make role assignments easier to maintain, create role assignments on folders or entities rather than individual fields. You cannot search for role assignments that you create. If you set security on specific fields and you want to update the security settings later, you must click through the model namespace to find the fields you secured.

Secure individual model items independently for this model

Click this check box to enable model item security.

Select the model item for which to set permissions

Shows all of the items in a model. You can navigate the model namespace to select the item you want to secure. You can only select one item at a time.

Inherit roles from parent folder

Click this option to inherit the security settings of the parent item.

Use these roles for each group or user account

Click this option to specify the user or group account for which you are defining access. If you are using default security, the user and group accounts are Windows domain accounts. Specify the accounts in this format: <domain>\<account>.

Group or User

Specifies the name of the user or group account for which you defined a role assignment.

Model Item Browser

Specifies the default role definition used in role assignments that apply to model items. The Model item browser role includes a single task, View model items.

Add Group or User

Click this button to open the Add Group or User dialog box.


Click this button to delete a selected role assignment.

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