XML Data Types (XMLA)


Applies To: SQL Server 2016 Preview

In addition to the standard primitive and derived types defined by the XML 1.0 recommendation, the XML for Analysis (XMLA) 1.1 specification defines additional data types to support the representation of multidimensional and tabular data.

XMLA uses the data types listed in the following table.

Data typesDescription
BooleanThe standard XML boolean data type.
DecimalThe standard XML decimal data type.
EmptyResultA namespace on the root element. This namespace is returned when an XMLA command does not return a result because either the XMLA command does not normally return a result or because an error occurred on the Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services instance while executing the XMLA command.
EnumStringA set of named string constants for a given enumerator.
IntegerThe standard XML int data type.
MDDataSetMultidimensional data returned by the Result parameter of the Execute method.
ResultsetA self-describing XML result set returned by the Execute method.
RowsetRows from a data source, structured by an embedded XML schema, returned by the Discover method.
StringThe XML string data type.
UnsignedIntThe XML unsignedInt schema type.

For complete descriptions of the standard XML data types, see the World Wide Web Consortium (WC3) candidate recommendation.

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