Binding Element (XMLA)


Applies To: SQL Server 2016 Preview

Defines an out-of-line binding for an Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services object, such as an attribute in a dimension, for the Bindings collection of a Batch or Process command.

   <Binding xsi:type="DimensionAttributeBinding">...</Binding>  
   <!-- or -->  
   <Binding xsi:type="MeasureGroupAttributeBinding">...</Binding>  
   <!-- or -->  
   <Binding xsi:type="PartitionBinding">...</Binding>  

Data type and lengthDimensionAttributeBinding, MeasureGroupAttributeBinding, PartitionBinding
Default valueNone
Cardinality0-n: Optional element that can occur more than once.
Parent elementsBindings
Child elementsNone

Binding elements define out-of-line bindings, other than data sources and data source views, for Analysis Services objects to be processed by a Batch or Process command. For more information about processing objects, see Processing Objects (XMLA).

For more information about out-of-line bindings, see Data Sources and Bindings (SSAS Multidimensional).

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