How to: Modify a SQL Server Agent master Job (Transact-SQL)

How to: Modify a SQL Server Agent master Job (Transact-SQL)

This topic describes how to use stored procedures to modify a Microsoft SQL Server Agent master job.

To change the scheduling details for a job definition

  • Execute sp_update_schedule.

To add, change, or remove steps from a job

  1. Execute sp_add_jobstep to add new job steps.

  2. Execute sp_update_jobstep to change pre-existing job steps.

  3. Execute sp_delete_jobstep to delete a pre-existing job.

To modify the target server(s) associated with a job

  1. Execute sp_delete_jobserver to delete a server currently associated with a job.

  2. Execute sp_add_jobserver to associate a server with the current job.


A SQL Server Agent master job cannot be targeted at both local and remote servers.

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